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  • Free Virtual Experience!

Free Live Virtual Birding Tour at the Panama Canal

Quick Details

Please scroll down to see a video example of the tour and to read the reviews from guests who have taken the virtual tour at the bottom of this page.  We have found that the best advertising for this new experience is word of mouth.  We are offering this 100% free with no obligation as a way to promote what we think is a great experience.  We are so confident that you will love this unique experience and hopefully you will share it with your friends.  In order to promote this virtual tour, we are offering it this week 100% free for you to try. 

Shared Experience the tour with people from around the world

Enjoy the Beauty of Panamanian Biodiversity and amazing views of the Panama Canal.

This guided virtual tour will be broadcast live in HD via Zoom with our expert tour guides who are both naturalists and historians who can answer any of your questions while they show you our beautiful country.  We are equipped with Leica cameras attached to powerful spotting scopes.

This virtual tour will begin when the birds are most active at 6 am local time in Panama (see below for the starting time where you live) .  The tour will start at the Pipeline Road in Soberanía National Park.  One of the premier birding spots in the world, the Pipeline Road will give us an opportunity to watch birds in a mature rainforest that is full of an incredible mix of wildlife. A bird count here organized by the Audubon Society set a record when 385 species were observed in only 24 hours. We will walk along a series of trails that will take us to a panoramic view of Gatun Lake where we can see different species of waterfowl and aquatic animals.  We will spend around 2 hours birdwatching and looking for native wildlife that lives in the areas right next to the Panama Canal.  We will be stopping along the way as we discover sloths, toucans, monkeys, and the many other species that reside in one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet.

Once we finish with our birdwatching at the Pipeline Road,  we will continue with a driving tour of the Canal Zone town of Gamboa, where we will see a small remnant of Americana that remains nestled in the rain forest. While your guides tell you about the unique history of the Panama Canal Zone, we will drive by sites such as the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the Panama Canal Dredging Division, and see the houses that were left by the Americans when they transferred the canal to Panama in 1999.  We will then spend a few minutes next to the Panama Canal where the Chagres River meets the Canal and  watch the transiting ships entering and exiting the famous Gaillard Cut.

What this tour is:

  • A live, interactive virtual tour with at least two knowledgeable tour guides. You can ask as many questions as you like and participate as much or as little as you want
  • The tour will be conducted with the Zoom app, which is free to download and use
  • This is an HD experience. Because we will be using the Zoom app to make this an interactive experience, we have to sacrifice a tiny amount of image quality.  That said, the video feed of the birds and wildlife has really good quality, much better than we anticipated when we started this.  We are confident that you will be pleased at how well you can see the wildlife through our scopes.  Please see the examples we have uploaded.
  • This is a shared online experience that you will enjoy with other guests from around the world.
  • If you choose the Private option, your tour will be with only those who you choose to invite
  • This tour is in English
  • This is a nature tour, and your tour guides will be equipped with powerful spotting scopes attached to Leica cameras
  • During the driving portions of the tour the tour guides will stop to appreciate as many points of interest as possible. However due to restrictions in place by the Panamanian government due to Covid-19, we cannot enter any buildings or attractions.
  • After the tour, we will send you an email with a list of all the birds and animales that we saw during the virtual tour
  • This is a great way for you to see a new part of the world during this current crisis, as the tourism industry will be hit hardest during these trying times

What this tour is not:

  • This is not pre-recorded.  You will see the birds and animals LIVE
  • This is a live nature tour, so we cannot guarantee what we will see during the tour. We are entering a famous birdwatching area, so the odds are great that we see a lot, but nature doesn’t ever guarantee anything.
  • This is no risk to you. We are offering this 100% free with no obligation as a way to promote what we think is a great experience.  We are so confident that you will love this unique experience and hopefully you will share it with your friends.

Starting times:

This tour starts when the birds are most active at 6:00 am local Panama time.  Here is the starting time for locations outside of Panama:

GMT -7 Pacific Standard Time (US and Canada) 4:00 am

GMT -6 Mountain Standard Time (US and Canada) 5:00 am

GMT -5 Central Daylight Time (US & Canada)  6:00 am

GMT -4 Eastern Daylight Time (US & Canada)  7:00 am

GMT +1 British Summer & Irish Standard Time  (United Kindom & Ireland) 12:00 pm

GMT +2 Central European Summer Time (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway) 13:00 pm

GMT +3 Eastern European Summer Time (Norway) 14:00 pm

Here is an example of one of our virtual tours.  This video is just a recording for Youtube, the image quality during the live tour is a million times better.  When you sign up we will give you a link to join us live via Zoom where you will see the wildlife LIVE in HD with great clarity, you can choose which scope you want to view, and interact with the guides.

Explore These Five-Star Reviews From TripAdvisor

a bird sitting on a branch
Terrific virtual tour of Panama

My first virtual bird tour and my first time to Panama was terrific! The guides were very committed to making it a great experience and it was. The weather is always a variable that can't be anticipated. It gave me a definite desire to come when we get through the covid. The technology that they had to learn to get it to us was done professionally and with humor. I really enjoyed the tour to the town and the history of the Panama Canal as well as the visual topographic maps!! Hope it can happen again.

– Joyce W, TripAdvisor

This was a good example how a birding Tour company found the way to sort out the troubles covid -19 brought to our lives. Amazing the effort of the guides dealing with the telescope to show us the birds. I really recommend.

– Liliana C, TripAdvisor
Great Experience

An excellent way to spend a wet UK day. The professional team from Panama Day trips did a brilliant job in what was a technically difficult operation. Yes, of course there were slow bits where nothing much was happening, but that’s the difference between live birdwatching and pre-recorded edited highlights. The team are delightful and so knowledgeable and it brought back fond memories of our trip with them a couple of years ago. Well done!

– GlobeTrotting675662, TripAdvisor
A Super Virtual Tour of Panama!

We were leery about doing a virtual tour, but were pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out! Kudos to all of you for taking this on and doing it so well! We traveled to Panama in 2019 and birded Pipeline Road several times. It was like being back there again!! You coordinated the viewings with the office staff and supporting pictures very well. We know this must have been very difficult to do and we commend you for a great job!!

– Judy F, TripAdvisor
Great Day of Biding - Virtually, No Less!

I loved every minute of my virtual birding tour in Panama this morning. I was on a Panama Canal cruise several years ago but had never birded on the land adjacent to the waterway. Now I know what I missed! The birds weren't particularly cooperative today but our guides worked hard to ensure we had our share of sightings - and certainly succeeded! I liked that the presentation also included photos of the birds we were seeing live. The guides also included maps and the history of the area in their program. They are new to giving the tours virtually and are still fine-tuning the technology used - that did not stop them from giving us an awesome experience. Sure made me want to return to the canal zone!

– Wendybeth16, TripAdvisor
As close to being there as you can get

We are all suffering from our inability to do what we enjoy and what enriches our lives. Birdwatching magazine sponsored a tour with Panama Day Trips and I can't tell you how much it cheered me up. These folks have done an incredible job with the technology, and the experience is as close to being there as you can get virtually. The excitement of the crew is contagious. I have gone onto other sites and they are offering still photos of what you could see on a real tour. Panama Day Trips gives you the real deal! I was lucky enough to visit Panama about a decade ago for birding and it was such a wonderful experience. Panama Day Trips is giving me the opportunity to relieve my happy visit and is giving me the desire to go back and book with them. Thank you Cynthia, Jerin, John, and Francisco. You are amazing!

– fadokv, TripAdvisor
Great way to start the day!

This tour was recommended by a friend and it did not disappoint! The guides were knowledgeable, very friendly and always explaining what we were looking at in detail, even info about the area. The birds were beautiful species I had never seen before. We decided to book another tour.

– Christine Smith, TripsAdvisor
Fun Way to Enjoy Virtual Birding

I have participated in two Virtual Birdwatching Tours offered by Panama Day Trips and both have been totally enjoyable and enlightening. The guides are knowledgeable and eager to find birds in their scopes using clipped-on cell phones for virtual sightings for attendees. When the light is good this technique is surprisingly effective. For those who have been home-bound and eager to be out birding this fills a giant desire. It's like an in-person bird tour in that there are down times, but birders expect and understand that. I've really enjoyed this and I give my sincere thanks to Cynthia, Jerin, John, and Francisco who run this operation so nicely and effectively. They make me want to go back to Panama! And I look forward to doing more Zoom trips with them in the days to come! Highly recommended.

– Maloobird, TripAdvisor