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Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal and Jungle Tour (Most Popular)

See the Panama Canal up close and personal as we ride along its waters and see its wonders. In this unique tour, you will see the Panama Canal from the Pacific to the Caribbean as we visit some of the hidden gems tucked away in the rain forest that surrounds it.



Wondering what do in Panama?  Travel from the Pacific to the Caribbean as we follow the Panama Canal and visit hidden gems along the way. Stops include Gamboa, Fort San Lorenzo, and the Gatun Locks. Explore a unique culture deep inside the Chagres National Park as we visit the Embera village of Parara Puru. Cool down as we head up into the mountains to zip line over a waterfall in El Valle and discover the beauty that is Altos de Campana National Park.

National Parks We Visit

Altos de Campana

Just 45 minutes outside of Panama City lies Panama's first national park. Altos de Campana National Park offers breathtaking views of the Pacific Coast in a cool mountain climate. Famous for its birdwatching from the cloud forest, Campana also offers wonderful hiking in a cooler climate.

El Valle Zipline & Mountain Tour


Just 20 minutes from Panama City, Soberania National Park lets visitors experience the rainforest without getting too far off the beaten path. Soberania is known for its incredible diversity in birds and animals, as well as its many hiking trails. History lovers will love the parks story as the home of the Camino de Cruces and the Panama Canal Zone.

Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal and Jungle Tour, Wild side of the Panama Canal

San Lorenzo

The epic stories of the Caribbean pirates come alive in San Lorenzo National Park, home of the 400-year-old Spanish fort that resides there. The current ruins of Fort San Lorenzo, constructed in 1768, sit on an 80 foot (25 m) cliff overlooking the Caribbean. In addition to its incredible history, San Lorenzo offers some of the best wildlife viewing in Panama.

Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal and Jungle Tour


As you are riding up the river in a dugout canoe in Chagres National Park, it is easy to forget that you are only a few hours away from Panama City. Home to jaguars and harpy eagles, Chagres offers unparalleled wildlife viewing in the more remote areas of the park. Chagres is also home to a few villages of the Embera, one of Panama´s colorful indigenous groups.

Embera Village and Jungle Tour

El Valle de Anton

El Valle de Anton is not a national park, but sometimes it sure feels like it. Full of birds and wildlife amongst its many waterfalls and cliffs, El Valle is a nature lovers paradise. Being high up and nestled in the crater of an extinct volcano, El Valle offers a cooler climate perfect for relaxing up until you strap into the zip line that will carry you in front of a 280 foot (85 m) waterfall.

Zipline & Mountain Tour

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