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Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal and Jungle Tour vs. Panama Canal Half Transit Tour

Our canal trip will stretch about 6 miles before we pull off of the shipping channel and explore some islands in Gatun Lake that are full of wildlife! If you’re only looking to do just a transit, you should consider the half-day transit. The locks transits are a unique experience but they are generally overpriced and very crowded. Our tour is a much more thorough and enjoyable way to experience the canal, but you can compare the two and make your own conclusion.  If you would still like to book a transit tour you can visit Canal and Bay Tours or Panama Marine Adventures.

NOTE: There are only two companies that offer transit tours and we cannot offer transits. During the Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal and Jungle Tour, while we will not be transiting the locks, we will ride in a boat right down the middle of the canal where large ships will be passing through.

Ocean to Ocean Panama Canal & Jungle Tour Panama Canal Half Transit Tour
Duration 8 hours 4-5 hours
Cost per person $130 $150
Type of boat Small boat with capacity of 15 passengers and covered by roof Medium sized cruiser with two decks
Capacity Normally 10 passengers, Maximum 18 300-500 passengers
Time on Boat 1.5 hours 4 hours
Travel in shipping lane Yes Yes
Travel inside the locks No Yes
Visit Miraflores locks No Yes
Visit the Pedro Miguel locks No Yes
Visit Agua Clara Locks (Expanded Canal) Yes No
Lunch Freshly made Picnic Lunch Buffet
Wildlife Lots! We will see many animals up close on the canal banks, monkey islands and in San Lorenzo National Park. Maybe a Crocodile
Jungle We will pass through many remote areas via boat, car and foot. In the distance